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This page shows a few of the architectural treasures of Randolph County that have
already been lost to us, long ago burned or torn down as "old and not worth saving".

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Bank of Biggers in 1910. Built by A. A. Sago in 1908, the bank advertised "Capital Stock $20,000" and "Surplus $2,200."

Public School Building at Biggers, photographed in 1910.

A paddle wheel steamboat pushing a barge up the Black River on a snowy day in the 1920's. The Pocahontas train bridge, capable of rotating on its center pontic to allow for boats to pass, spanned the river until its removal in the 1980's.

Court Square Hotel, south side of the Pocahontas town square, in 1910. Mrs. Annie Shivley was proprietress.

Residence of Joe H. DeClerk, photographed in Pocahontas in 1910.

Residence of Elijah Dalton, photographed in 1910 in Pocahontas.

The Ida May Hotel, Biggers, photographed in 1910, built by the company of Sago and Abbott.

Lone Rock Bank, Ravenden Springs. Opened in 1913, the bank featured an interesting front window (on the left in the photo) with the text Lon Rock Bank painted sideways on the glass. It's speculated that the glass arrived pre-painted incorrectly but was installed rather than sending it back.

Maynard Academy, Maynard, in 1910.

Baptist Church, Maynard, in 1910. Built by Sago and Witt in 1882.

Pocahontas Public School as photographed in 1910 in Pocahontas. Built in 1904 by A. A. Sago, it stood on North Marr Street.

Baptist Church, Pocahontas, in 1910.

Residence of Dr. C.E. Pringle, Pocahontas, photographed in 1910. It was built by A. A. Sago in 1906.

Thomasville Avenue residence of A. Z. Schnabaum, photographed in 1910 in Pocahontas.

Store of the Schnabaum-Tipton Mercantile Co., photographed in 1910. The writing over the door advertises "OUTFITTER FOR ALL MANKIND". Built in 1904, the signs also say they sold saddles, hardware, groceries, drygoods, cloth, and boots.

Residence of E.G. Schoonover, photographed in Pocahontas in 1910. The home, and the hill it rested on, made way in the 1970's for construction of the present Pocahontas City Hall on North Marr Street.

The Southern Hotel, Ravenden Springs. Opened in 1883, the 40-room hotel stood until 1942.